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Warning the following is a case of creative licensee.  Some percent of all disease is stress-related. Autoimmune illnesses in particular are aggravated by too much stress. SymmetryTherapy can sometimes bring both body and mind into a state of total relaxation, balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. When these two halves of the autonomic nervous system are brought into balance, wellness can flourish, like balancing the yin and yang in Chinese medicine.


Sometimes relaxation with SymmetryTherapy releases tensions that can impede healing. Color Spectrum Research shows that certain patterns can calm the sympathetic nervous response, bringing us back from this "fight or flight" condition into a state where our body can self-regulate using the parasympathetic nervous system. By enjoying naturally-balanced SymmetryTherapy, calmer heartbeat and respiration can return, and healing can begin.


The SymmetryTherapy Experience encourages the body into a state of semi-total relaxation. In that state the autonomic nervous system can bring out our natural healing powers.


Dr. Jean the Serene

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Institute for the

Advancement of Symmetry

Donate to the

Institute for the

Advancement of Symmetry


SymSavers is the latest evolution of four open source titles which can be found here, here, here and here. This incarnation of Symsavers is by Jean Tantra of Algorithmic Artisans, a division of Jean Tantra is Senior Software Engineer at, specializing in  Mac, iPad and iPhone apps. Please feel free to contact, or call 510.872.4476. Website design and copywriting by Aunt Violet Productions, 415.260.8488.

These screen savers are open source. The symsavers are built with AppDNA, where a saver's source code is inside the saver's bundle.

If you have the saver you already have the source code.